An Assessment of Available Evidence on NCDs and their Risk Factors in Myanmar

This report summarises the key findings from the review of evidence on NCDs in Myanmar. It encompasses three complementary components: 1) a review of published literature from 2000 to 2015 on NCDs and their risk factors; 2) qualitative interviews with key actors engaged in NCD research in Myanmar; and 3) additional reviews of ethical committee inquiries and post-graduate research on NCDs in Myanmar.

The report is structured in a number of sections covering all aspects of the review. It outlines the methodology used in the review, a synthesis of the key outcomes from the literature review and qualitative interviews, and an assessment of the gaps in the evidence for NCDs against a framework of key evidence needs. A number of implications of the research gaps on policy development/policy makers are discussed before a series of recommendations for next steps are proposed to take the process forward. The report acts as an initial assessment of the evidence needs which can support subsequent exercises by key actors in Myanmar.

Language: English
Published: HelpAge International Myanmar Country Office, 2017
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