8th APRU Population Ageing Conference – Ageing and Resilience in the 21st Century

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The implications of Population Ageing in the Asia-Pacific region have become increasingly complex. ‘Old age’ is being redefined and transformed due to the changing intersection of the social, medical and clinical aspects of ageing.

Successful adaptations turn on the resilience of the individual, family, and society, yet, what exactly is resilience for the ageing person and the ageing society? The conference aims to answer these questions as it deliberates on ways of defining and measuring resilience. It will also feature successful strategies and approaches to enhance the resilience of older adults, their families and communities at all levels including physical, psychological and social.

Themes that would be explored include:

  • What is resilience – explorations of the different types of resilience from physical, mental to financial, social and other dimensions
  • How should resilience be measured?
  • What are the factors that impact on resilience – the adverse episodes, stressors
  • What are the factors associated with resilience – age, gender, ethnicity, health and well-being, self-perceived health, relationships and social networks, personal characteristics, others
  • What are the measures to promote resilience – at policy and programme levels

Discussions will focus on conceptualising resilience in the context of stressors such as medical, social and economic. Emphasis will also be on multidisciplinary approaches that provide insights into the predictors of resilient behaviours and key points for interventions to increase resilience.

The conference is followed by a methods workshop on Longitudinal Data Analysis in Ageing and local educational visits to agencies offering innovative programmes to improve wellbeing and resilience of older Singaporeans.

The 8th APRU Population Ageing Conference is organised by Centre for Ageing Research and Education (CARE), Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.