As a result of rapid demographic changes, governments in the Asia and Pacific region are addressing the challenges and capturing the opportunities related to population ageing. To protect the rights of older people and to respond to their needs, as well as to take advantage of what older men and women can offer society, future policy and programme direction for ageing would benefit from global and regional experience.

HelpAge International and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) are often asked to support governments in Asia in developing policies on ageing. This study, emerging from collaboration between HelpAge International and UNFPA, aims to provide governments with guidance in developing and improving national policies on ageing. It presents a critical review of existing national policies, laws and action plans on ageing and related instruments. The analysis outlines the choices governments must make in developing national ageing policies. Good practice is drawn from multiple low and middle income countries to illustrate how countries are producing effective policy instruments. This report is intended for use by governments and advocacy groups in countries developing or reviewing national policies, laws and plans on ageing.

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