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810, 2014

Our senior citizens can still contribute

5 October – Bangkok, Thailand The International Day of Older Persons, which fell on the first day of October, gave us good reason to celebrate. Thailand has a growing number of senior citizens, or people [...]

210, 2014

Elderly support low: report

2 October - Phnom Penh, Cambodia While life expectancy is growing in Cambodia, government policies to improve the quality of life and well-being of the Kingdom’s elderly are not expanding, according to a [...]

1909, 2014

Asia urged to see opportunity in ageing society

This news report broadcast by ABC News in Australia shows the need to see Asia’s ageing population as an opportunity. ABC correspondent Robert Baird reports that Asia is ageing faster than ever before. [...]

1909, 2014

Older People are a Resource in Ageing Societies

Representatives from the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD) attended the Conference, including AFPPD Chair, Hon. Dr Keizo Takemi MP, who gave the keynote address “Older people as a resource: [...]

1909, 2014

UNFPA Iran Ageing Report Launched in Thailand

UNFPA launched several reports at the Regional Conference, including “ Population Ageing in Iran”, published by UNFPA Iran in collaboration with the Demography Department of the University of Tehran and the Statistical Center [...]

107, 2014

New social pension scheme in Fiji

Fiji, 28 June 2014 The government of Fiji has allocated FJ$3.2 million for an increase in the social pension this year for the new scheme. In Fiji, the recipients of the social pension [...]

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