13 April 2015 – Banthi, Lamphun, Thailand

A pilot project in Thailand’s rural north gives the elderly renewed confidence in their abilities and the means to support themselves.

We live in a world where population ageing is pervasive. Life expectancy continues to rise even as birth rates decline and the implications for work, families, health and education are enormous.

While acknowledging that labour structures and health care delivery are threatened by the arriving ageing society phenomenon, Fopdev and HelpAge International with support from the European Union see this greying as an opportunity for a better future. Their joint project, “Building capacity for promoting older people’s rights and income security in Thailand”, which was launched in 2013, aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society and promote consolidation and expansion of the right to income security for marginalised and vulnerable older people.

This pilot project is living proof that older people are not a burden but a resource.

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