5 October – Bangkok, Thailand

The International Day of Older Persons, which fell on the first day of October, gave us good reason to celebrate. Thailand has a growing number of senior citizens, or people over 60 years of age.

That means we have achieved better medical science, health care and economic well-being, the fundamental requirements to enable people to live a longer and healthier life. Thais have joined the global trend with the longevity of people increasing in recent years. Senior citizens now account for a high proportion of the Thai demography.

According to Mahidol University, elderly people, or people who are 60 and older, represent about 15% of the total population, or roughly 9.93 million people this year. The percentage of elderly Thais is expected to rise to 30% in the next three decades.

However, the celebrations surrounding International Day of Older Persons were muted because Thais have not been adequately provided with services to enable senior citizens to live comfortably during their retirement…


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