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HelpAge network in Asia Pacific

We work to improve the lives of older people in the region.


Our network and country offices in Asia Pacific


EWC/EWCA International Conference

23่ August 2018 - 25่ August 2018

Social updates

In the quarter century since, Japan's #MedianAge has leaped to over 47 years. The average resident in Japan today is 25 years older than in 1950: https://t.co/ZrKfQWtnc9 https://t.co/Khpb7iA0HR
RT @PensionWatch: Great to see @HelpAgeIndia_ leading the call for increased social pension benefit in India https://t.co/pgEwrAVsPn @mathe…
RT @HelpAge: In every region of the world, populations are ageing. The shift is especially rapid in low and middle-income countries. Unless…


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