Policy brief on the older population, Myanmar

Policy brief on the older population in Myanmar

In reference to the 2014 Myanmar Census, this policy brief summarises the situation of the older population. It includes data on social characteristics of older people, their living arrangements, economic conditions, health and life expectancy in old age.

Department of Population of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in collaboration with UNFPA Myanmar also published the 2014 Myanmar Census publications set, which comprise thirteen thematic reports and a Census Atlas. The thematic reports published to date include Fertility and Nuptiality; Mortality; Maternal Mortality; Migration and Urbanization; Population Dynamics; Population Projections; the Labour Force; Education; Housing Conditions and Household Amenities; Gender Dimensions; and Disability. Please visit UNFPA Myanmar website to access the above-mentioned publications.

Language: English
Published: Department of Population Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and UNFPA Myanmar, 2018
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