Network in Pakistan

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HelpAge Pakistan Country Office HelpAge International has been working in Pakistan for three decades. In the beginning, activities were implemented through Pakistan Medico International (PMI) in Karachi – a network member with a focus on Ophthalmic care. HelpAge established [...]

Network in Singapore

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Tsao Foundation The Tsao Foundation’s vision is of an inclusive society for all ages that optimizes opportunities in longevity. To advance a positive transformation of the ageing experience through mindset and systemic change, it pioneers approaches and demonstration models [...]

Network in Malaysia

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National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia The National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia (NACSCOM) is a not-for-profit federation of senior citizens organizations in Malaysia, representing the senior citizens community in Malaysia with 40 affiliates throughout Malaysia. Since [...]

AgeNews No.18

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In this edition, we report the 1st National Dementia Plan of Indonesia, disaster resilience projects in Cambodia and Vietnam, and a campaign on diabetes with an exclusive interview with two senior officers from WHO. The upcoming HelpAge Asia-Pacific Regional [...]

Regional network

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HelpAge regional office Since 1988, HelpAge East Asia/Pacific Regional Office has been working with network members in East Asia/Pacific to implement projects, conduct research, develop capacity and raise awareness on ageing issues. HelpAge network works together on wide range of topics; from livelihoods to age [...]