Mr Dalangao, 68, is from Barangay La Roxas, Mindanao, in the Philippines. He works as farmer to support his family. He plants vegetables and other crops and sells them in the nearby market. He is a member of La Roxas Elderly Group, established in 2013 to address the difficulties that local older people face accessing basic health services. La Roxas is one of the farthest and most remote areas in the municipality and many young people have migrated away. “We have to find ways to support ourselves, but we need to share what we have,” says Mr Dalangao.

The Elderly Group decided to start an alternative livelihood that would benefit the whole community. Farming is their main skill. “The only thing we are good at is farming. We may not produce as much as we used to, but if we do it together, we can produce as much as we want to.” The members decided to grow flowers and sell at the local market. Some of the members were already growing flowers, so they knew the techniques. Mr Dalangao offered to lease ½ hectare of his land to the group for their activities for PHP 3,000 (USD 69) per year. His land is very fertile and has easy access to water. “Even though I still have some vegetables in that land, I have used that land enough for my family. This time I would like my fellow older people to come work together. We may develop this piece of land, a land for all of us.”