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🥈🎉 The forOldy, our network member based in Bangkok, Thailand was selected as Second prize winner of #HealthyAgingPrize for Asian Innovation. We are proud and happy that their ‘Khun Ta – Khun Yai’ charity shop was recognised. @JCIE_org @ERIAorg @HelpAge @foroldyshop #HAPI https://t.co/FwoXdX8aIB
🥇 2020 #HAPI Grand Prize Winner. Buddy HomeCare: Community-based healthcare management & monitoring system. This programme provides impoverished youth with training to be caregivers while providing older people with cost-effective homecare services. https://t.co/NJUWVMzCoR https://t.co/rhcmfS4lQV
Rapid demographic change presents a big challenge for countries. More and more older people need care and support in their daily lives. Buddy HomeCare, a social enterprise operated by @FOPDEV_TH provides a solution for this challenge. https://t.co/f7Vg3l8h6z #HealthyAgingPrize https://t.co/4GdgYFMpfN


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