This report is a look back at how the pandemic affected older people in Asia Pacific in 2020. As with the rest of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic dominated Asia Pacific. From early in the year, it became clear that age was a disturbing part of the story. The older population suffered more from the virus than any other age group, experiencing high rates of death and serious illness following infection. In some countries, nearly all deaths were among older age groups. The initial discussion of COVID-19’s impacts on older people focused on these direct risks to health from the virus itself. But gradually it became clear that older people were also facing unique forms of indirect impact from the societal upheavals generated by the pandemic. The pandemic unleashed health care complications that were not directly caused by the virus, as well as challenges to older people’s income, livelihoods, family relations, social connections, freedoms, and how they were perceived by society. This paper documents some of the key themes that emerged throughout the year and suggests critical gaps that 2021 will urgently need to address.

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Language: English
Published: HelpAge International, Asia Pacific, 2020
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