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Date: 13-15 October 2016
Location: Vung Tau city, Vietnam

The Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation, in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemberg-Stiftung, ActionAid-Vietnam, and the Network for Transformative Social Protection, will hold a workshop on “Expanding Social Protection: Towards Addressing Inequality under ASEAN Integration”.  Representatives of community-based organisations, social movements, labour and vulnerable groups and some parliamentarians and ASEAN bodies will be taking part in this workshop. There will be 13 international resources persons from Europe and Southeast Asia and 25-30 from Vietnam.

Objectives of the workshop are:

  1. Strengthen framework and identify specific recommendations (including financing)  to expand social protection programmes in the region to cover everyone (especially the vulnerable groups), and realise the rights and needs in order to live a life of dignity in the context of ASEAN integration.
  2. Understand the best practices on social protection and be able to apply these in advocating programmes or policies at the national and regional levels.
  3. Identify strategies including coordinated actions of people’s organisations/CSOs to improve social protection especially for the vulnerable groups in the context of ASEAN integration.