This publication highlights critical issues currently facing the existing social protection arrangements for the old-age citizens. It provides a set of strategies and options for creating coherence between the different providers to close the coverage gap among post-working age population, at the same time ensure fiscal sustainability of the next 15 years. The paper starts with trend scanning of Malaysia’s demographic and poverty profile. Against this background, which established the demand for old-age protection, a thorough baseline review of the existing social old-age protection programs is conducted. Together, these two chapters highlight the demand and supply for old-age protection in Malaysia with emphasis on gaps and inefficiencies. In the last chapter, the paper proposes a framework for creating synergies between the different arrangements to close the coverage gaps and achieve more impactful and efficient system of social old-age protection. A costed set of recommendations are presented.

Language: English
Published: Social Wellbeing Research Centre (SWRC), 2019
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