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World Population Ageing Highlights 2019

The World Population Ageing Highlights 2019 presents the key findings of a larger and more comprehensive report on the same topic that will become available later this year. The Highlights conclude with a set of [...]

Connect no. 6 (Asia Pacific newsletter)

This sixth issue of Connect newsletter includes the latest research findings on older Cambodians, emergency responses in India and Indonesia, health and care forum in China, and exclusive interview with a Thai disability advocate. Language: [...]

Infographic: Regional strategy for age-inclusive disaster risk management 2019-2030

In almost every disaster we have witnessed, older people have been disproportionately affected. In many cases older people were invisible or their particular needs were subsumed in the maelstrom of responses to those disasters. Preparedness [...]

Age-inclusive disaster risk reduction toolkit

This "Age-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction" toolkit provides practical information, tools, formats and examples which help in making any DRR intervention inclusive. The toolkit includes ageing policies and frameworks, age-inclusion in risk assessment and mapping, age-inclusive [...]

World Population Prospects 2019

  The World Population Prospects 2019: Highlights presents the main results of the 26th round of the UN’s global population estimates and projections. The report includes updated population estimates from 1950 to the present for [...]

Understanding, Beliefs and Treatment of Dementia in Pakistan

Despite being a global health priority, progress towards the understanding and treatment of dementia in low- and middle-income countries has been slow. This issue is of importance given the rapidly ageing populations in these countries, [...]

Fair guidelines: four steps towards a UN convention on the rights of older people

These guidelines are for civil society organisations wishing to influence their governments to support a convention. They emphasise the importance of involving older people in your advocacy activities, both as a matter of principle, and because [...]

Connect no. 5 (Asia Pacific newsletter)

In this fifth edition of Connect newsletter, HelpAge global network members in Asia-Pacific shared their recent activities and programmes. Various stories from the field on nutrition and health, emergency assistance, advocacy on long-term care and [...]

Thailand’s Older Persons and Their Well-being 2019

This research report draws on the 2017 national survey of older persons conducted by the National Statistical Office of Thailand. The report of findings covers a wide range of topics, three of which are highlighted [...]

More at risk: How older people are excluded in humanitarian data (summary)

This is a summary of the study titled 'More at risk: How older people are excluded in humanitarian data’ commissioned by HelpAge International. The objective of the study was to evaluate existing policies and practices [...]

Regional newsletter

'Connect' newsletter no.6 is now available for download. In this issue, we cover stories of network members from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. You will also find an exclusive interview with a Thai disability advocate which give us food for thoughts on the call for UN convention for the Rights of Older Persons.


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