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Gender Equality and the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific

"Gender Equality and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia and the Pacific: Baseline and Pathways for Transformative Change by 2030" is a joint undertaking by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the UN Women [...]

Who Cares: Why older women’s economic empowerment matters for the Sustainable Development Goals

This briefing paper seeks to raise awareness of the critical but invisible work that older women do - paid and unpaid - in developing country contexts. This paper makes clear how gender norms and inequalities intersect with poverty, public [...]

Voice of Senior citizens (November 2018)

'Voices of senior citizens' is a monthly newsletter produced by Ageing Nepal. It provides overview on their advocacy and programme activities on social security, rights, emergency, elder abuse and neglect. It also reports a collection of news relating [...]

Connect no. 3 (Asia Pacific newsletter)

The third issue of our Asia Pacific newsletter 'Connect' explores how HelpAge global network members exchange learning about effective fundraising, how gender equality is promoted through intergenerational self-help clubs in Vietnam, and how electronic cash [...]

Financial security of elderly women from a lifecourse perspective: evidence from Myanmar

  This country report focuses on financial security among older women in Myanmar from a life course perspective.  It gives  recommendations that are relevant to women across all life stages. The current need for focus on [...]

Transforming gender relations in an ageing world

The paper addresses issues of gender relations in older age, and highlights the importance of a gendered understanding of ageing for development and humanitarian policy and advocacy. Its key message is that to ensure future [...]

Care for Older Persons in ASEAN+3

This report is an outcome of a research project entitled "Care for Older Persons in ASEAN+3: The Role of Families and Local and National Support Systems", which was initiated as a concern on gaps and diverse [...]

Care work and care jobs for the future of decent work

This report takes a comprehensive look at unpaid and paid care work and its relationship with the changing world of work. It analyses the ways in which unpaid care work is recognised and organised, the extent [...]

Electronic delivery of social cash transfers in Myanmar: options assessment

This policy brief is a summary of findings from the Oxford Policy Management's assessment of electronic payment options for social cash transfer programmes in Myanmar. The way social transfers are paid is important as this [...]

Elder abuse in India 2018

HelpAge India felt the urgency to take up the issue of elder abuse in the country for the purpose of advocacy on safety and security of the older persons; hence, the need for a study [...]

Regional newsletter

We reported a variety of activities and stories from across the region, covering gender equality, long-term care, social pension and electronic cash transfer. This issue included special pages of four exclusive interviews on population ageing in Iran, autonomy and independence of older people, income security in old age and long-term care .


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