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World Population Ageing 2015 – Highlights

  This report is the fifth in the series World Population Ageing. The first report was released in 2002 in conjunction with the Second World Assembly on Ageing. The present report, provides a description of [...]

Voice of Senior Citizens – May 2017

  This is a monthly newsletter from Ageing Nepal. The newsletter features a wide range of activities and programmes conducted  by Ageing Nepal and its collaborative partners. You can find back issues from resources section on [...]

How data systems leave older people behind

This report examines the opportunities and challenges involved in gathering, analysing and making available to decision-makers, practitioners, and older people themselves, the high quality data needed to ensure the inclusion of older populations in global [...]

Investing in an ageing world: shifting debates from costs to investments

Our world is ageing and, in some countries and regions, rapidly. The fact that people now live longer, in better health, and generally in better conditions than ever before is a remarkable success story. But [...]

Changing population ages structures and sustainable development: Ten key findings and recommendations

This paper was prepared by the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs as a contribution to the 50th session of the Commission on Population and Development, 3-7 April 2017, [...]

AgeNews No. 21

In this edition, we feature a recent study on income security and an interview with Dr Bazlul Haque Khondker, an expert economist from Bangladesh discussing social protection. We also report meetings to push forward universal [...]

Older people’s associations: a briefing on their impact, sustainability and replicability

This briefing makes the case for multifunctional older people's associations to provide for inclusive, sustainable community development in Asia that actively engages the growing population of people over 60 as agents of change, rather than [...]

Ageing in Asia and the Pacific: Overview

The Asia-Pacific region is undergoing profound and rapid population changes. All countries in Asia and the Pacific are in the process of ageing at an unprecedented pace. This overview summarises the current trends in the [...]

Study on accessing healthcare by the older population in Myanmar

This study analyses the health seeking behaviour and utilisation of healthcare services among older people. Further, it identifies and examines barriers to healthcare access along several dimensions including: availability, geographic accessibility, affordability and acceptability. These [...]

ISHC establishment, operation and management

Intergenerational Self-Help Club (ISHC) is a model having been implemented for years by HelpAge International (HAI) and its partners in Vietnam. It has been proven to be a good model that meets olde people’s various needs. [...]

Regional newsletter

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In this issue of our refresh newsletter, we feature National Transfer Accounts (NTA) - a methodology to measure the flows of economic resources across the generations. Let's explore how NTA can support policie on ageing.


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