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Informal social protection in Myanmar’s central dry zone

This briefing is about informal social protection systems in rural communities in Myanmar's central dry zone. It is based on qualitative research conducted in March 2016 in villages of Mahlaing township (Mandalay region) and Pakokku [...]

The Global Demography of Aging: Facts, Explanations, Future

This working paper provides  a broad overview of the global demography of ageing. It reviews patterns, trends, and projections involving various indicators of population ageing and their demographic antecedents and sequelae. It also reviews theories economists use [...]

HelpAge Regional Conference 2016 Proceedings

This report details the proceedings at the HelpAge Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2016, which focused on the economic implications of ageing. Language: English Published: HelpAge International East Asia/Pacific, 2016 Size: 1.2 MB Download [...]

Rapid Population Ageing in Viet Nam: Challenges and Opportunities

This factsheet presents the population ageing in Vietnam which creates both challenges and opportunities to the country’s development. It also provides recommendations for Vietnam to prepare for the transition to the aged phase which is expected to [...]

Assessment of UNFPA’s piloted community-based model on care for older people (Summary)

Under the project titled “Prevention of domestic violence, addressing imbalanced sex ratio at birth (SRB), and care for the elderly” funded by UNFPA in Hai Duong Province and Ben Tre Province in Viet Nam, the Inter-generational Self-Help [...]

Ageing and the city: making urban spaces work for older people (executive summary)

This is the executive summary of a report that aims to stimulate discussion about some of the actions that governments and city authorities in low- and middle-income countries can take to build truly inclusive cities, [...]

Ageing and the city: making urban spaces work for older people

This report draws on focus group discussions, expert opinions and network project experience to argue how our cities need to change to protect and promote the rights of older people living in urban environments. The [...]

Older citizen monitoring: achievements and learning

This report highlights older citizen monitoring (OCM) achievements and challenges and reflects a wide range of innovative and diverse approaches to OCM developed across the HelpAge global network. Language: English Published: HelpAge International, 2016 Size: [...]

Tackling ageism through consciousness-raising

This guide is for older people who are interested in starting a consciousness-raising group to share their experiences of ageism and discuss how they might take action on how to improve their lives. Language: English [...]

AgeNews No.19

In this edition of AgeNews, we recap the HelpAge Asia-Pacific Network Regional Conference and the Age Demands Action Rights campaign, and look at ageing policy consultations in Myanmar, the older people's associations exchange programme in [...]

Pensions means testing vs universal targeting: assumptions of efficiency and affordability

This brief revisits two social policy assumptions regarding universal social pensions. It illustrates the emerging evidence that universal social pensions are both economically viable and efficient strategies to alleviate older-age income deprivation. Language: English Published: [...]

Intergenerational self-help clubs in Thuong Xuan and Ba Thuoc, Vietnam

This brochure explains how HelpAge International and Thanh Hoa Association of the Elderly, Vietnam are supporting intergenerational self-help clubs to reduce poverty and improve people's health. Language: English Published: HelpAge International (Vietnam Country Office), 2016 [...]

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In this AgeNews 22, we feature older people’s voices at the UN world conference on disaster risk reduction, Myanmar’s first national universal social pension, Pakistan – Balochistan’s Senior Citizens Act 2017 and World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.


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