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Connect no. 2 (Asia Pacific newsletter )

The second issue of our regional newsletter Connect focuses on creating sustainable and resilient societies in Asia, horticulture in India's Thar Desert, older people-led disaster risk reduction, and the right to long-term care and palliative care. A [...]

Implementing Social Protection for the Elderly in Indonesia

This brief presents the economic challenges that Indonesia’s older people are facing and their need for social protection. The data shows that Around 85 per cent of older people in Indonesia have no income security. An elderly [...]

Organizing Old Age Pensions for India’s Informal Workers

  "Organizing Old Age Pensions for India’s Informal Workers: A Case Study of a Sector-Driven Approach" was published by the Asia Health Policy Program. It is part of working paper series on health and demographic change [...]

Health Rights of Older People

The book examines the health rights of older persons who are more likely potentially to face various disadvantages in terms of healthcare access and affordability, thereby impacting on health outcomes. Data from five countries in [...]

Freedom to decide for ourselves

This report presents the themes and issues raised by 450 older people from 24 countries in a consultation on their rights to autonomy, independence, long-term care and palliative care. In light of the responses, the [...]

Cambodia National Policy on Ageing 2017-2030

  The Royal Government of Cambodia recognises that the inevitable changes of the demographic situations, especially a rising proportion of the older population, affects not just the older persons but all parts of society and [...]

Policy brief on the older population, Myanmar

In reference to the 2014 Myanmar Census, this policy brief summarises the situation of the older population. It includes data on social characteristics of older people, their living arrangements, economic conditions, health and life expectancy in [...]

Thematic report on the older population in Myanmar

Myanmar conducted the Population and Housing Census in 2014. It is the first Census in 30 years; the last Census was conducted in 1983. The main objectives of the 2014 Census are to provide the Government [...]

Options Assessment for Electronic Cash Transfer Delivery

The way social transfers are paid is important as this can mediate the impact of a programme, affect the cost and risks faced by a programme, and affect burden on recipients. This study report explores [...]

Connect no.1 (Asia Pacific newsletter )

We relaunched Asia Pacific newsletter with a new look and new name - Connect, which better reflects our network approach.  In this first refresh issue, the feature article is on the National Transfer Accounts (NTA). This [...]

Regional newsletter

We reported a variety of activities and stories from across the region, covering gender equality, long-term care, social pension and electronic cash transfer. This issue included special pages of four exclusive interviews on population ageing in Iran, autonomy and independence of older people, income security in old age and long-term care .


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