Regional conferences on ageing

Every two years, the HelpAge Network hosts an Asia Pacific regional conference on ageing with a view of developing consensus and promoting collaboration on key themes that reflect the emerging issues in the region.

This event brings together leading academics, policy makers, researchers, experts from international organisations and members of civil societies working on population ageing and development from over 30 countries to discuss regional priorities and approaches to improving the lives of older people.

Previous regional conferences:

  • A New Century of Independence and Better Quality of Life for Older Persons (2000)
  • After Madrid – Linking Idea and Action through the HAI Network, Sri Lanka (2002)
  • A Strong Network for the Rights of Older People, Vietnam (2004)
  • Learning from the Tsunami, India (2006)
  • Working Together for Wellbeing in Old Age, Indonesia (2008)
  • Ageing into the Future, Australia (2010)
  • Rapid ageing: A caring future, Myanmar (2012)
  • Older People in Ageing Societies: Burden or Resource?,  Thailand (2014)
  • The Economic Implications of Ageing, Vietnam (2016)
  • Family, Community and State in Ageing Societies, I.R. Iran (2018)