Guidelines and manuals

Fair guidelines: four steps towards a UN convention on the rights of older people

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These guidelines are for civil society organisations wishing to influence their governments to support a convention. They emphasise the importance of involving older people in your advocacy activities, both as a matter of principle, and because older people are the [...]

Cambodia’s Approach to Community-Based Services: A Practical Manual

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This manual provides a practical guidance and lesson learned from HelpAge Cambodia's experience on implementation of community-based services from early 2014 to June 2015. The challenges and successes from the pilot project have been shared with NGOs and government [...]

Minimum standard checklist: Including older people in disaster risk management

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These guidelines recommend minimum standard checklists to ensure the inclusion of older people in the planning and implementation of disaster preparedness and response activities. Language: English Published: HelpAge International, 2014 Size: 476 KB Download       [...]

Establishing and management of older people’s associations – a practical guideline

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Older people’s associations (OPAs) are community-based organisations aimed at improving living conditions for older people. They provide a mechanism for providing social support in the community as well as for facilitating and delivering projects and services. This publication outlines [...]

Protecting older people in emergencies: good practice guide

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This good practice guide highlights the need for agencies to better understand and address older people’s needs, and to integrate their contributions into interventions. It identifies elements of good practice for age-friendly programming during emergencies. It advocates for consultation [...]