5 May 2015 – Hanoi, Vietnam

The Vietnam Association of the Elderly (VAE), in its 20 years of development, has contributed greatly to national socio-economic development, as well as promoting the role of elderly people in the community and mobilising its members to join the patriotic emulation movement, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has said.

The leader, who is also Chairman of the National Committee on Ageing, was speaking at the VAE national congress on patriotic emulation in Hanoi on May 5 in celebration of its 20th founding anniversary (May 10, 1995-2015) and receiving first-class Labour Order.

Deputy PM Dam stressed that the Party and State always respect the work of caring for elderly people, ensuring the elderly are cared for in the best conditions, especially promoting their knowledge and experience to make practical contributions to national development.

Through multiple emulation movements, the VAE at all levels has encouraged not only the elderly, but all of society, to actively participate in local socio-economic development. The association is also actively involved in international co-operation, contributing to enhancing the position, reputation and image of Vietnam in the international arena. Many elderly people have become the nucleus of the movements, as well as support for their families and the communities. They are an indispensable force alongside the Party committees and local governments to direct the movements, Deputy PM Dam affirmed.


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