Gambir Man Gurung’s life changed when he lost his vision at the age of just 7 years old due to a severe attack of measles. Born into a poor family, his childhood was tough with no access to basic facilities. But this setback did not stop him from hoping to live a good life. Now living with his cousin, he is 61 years old and a member of the older people’s association (OPA) in Lumle Village.

One day while talking to his neighbour, he heard about the Lumle OPA and a project that supports the issues of older people, which was implemented by the Community Support Group. Gurung was surprised and happy when his name was listed among the beneficiaries for a cash grant of NRs.7500 (US$65) from the Lumle OPA, funded by the Community Support Group.

“As soon as I got the grant, I thought of using it in a good way, so I bought a goat the very next day”, said Gurung. These days, rearing goats is part of his daily routine. “Joining the Lumle OPA has brought some hope into my life”, he added. As a member, he attends every meeting that the Lumle OPA holds and shares his opinions with other members as well as with his neighbours.