Ageing population in Bangladesh

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The information on the ageing population in this country is presented under three sections: 1.) Situation of older people, 2.) Key facts  and 3.) Government policies related to older people. In addition, in 2015 HelpAge published Global AgeWatch Index that ranks countries by how well their ageing [...]

Network in Bangladesh

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HelpAge Bangladesh Country Office HelpAge has been working with affiliates and partners in Bangladesh since 1991. We set up our Bangladesh country office in 2009 to support older people and their families. We work in several different areas including [...]

We can also make change (Full report)

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This report presents the findings of the Voices of the Marginalised pilot research project. It draws on the real-life stories of persons with disabilities and older people, as told to researchers by persons with disabilities, family members of persons with disabilities and older people themselves. [...]

Social Protection for Older Persons- Social Pensions in Asia

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Social pensions are an effective and relevant strategy for supporting older persons in Asia. This excellent book thoroughly details the importance of strengthening the systems of social protection in the region and related lessons and challenges. Case studies are [...]