Network in Bangladesh

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HelpAge Bangladesh Country Office HelpAge has been working with affiliates and partners in Bangladesh since 1991. We set up our Bangladesh country office in 2009 to support older people and their families. We work in several different areas including [...]

Network in Pakistan

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HelpAge Pakistan Country Office HelpAge International has been working in Pakistan for three decades. In the beginning, activities were implemented through Pakistan Medico International (PMI) in Karachi – a network member with a focus on Ophthalmic care. HelpAge established [...]

Network in Singapore

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Tsao Foundation The Tsao Foundation’s vision is of an inclusive society for all ages that optimizes opportunities in longevity. To advance a positive transformation of the ageing experience through mindset and systemic change, it pioneers approaches and demonstration models [...]

Network in Malaysia

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National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia The National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia (NACSCOM) is a not-for-profit federation of senior citizens organizations in Malaysia, representing the senior citizens community in Malaysia with 40 affiliates throughout Malaysia. Since [...]

Regional network

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HelpAge regional office Since 1988, HelpAge East Asia/Pacific Regional Office has been working with network members in East Asia/Pacific to implement projects, conduct research, develop capacity and raise awareness on ageing issues. HelpAge network works together on wide range of topics; from livelihoods to age [...]