Regional network

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HelpAge regional office Since 1988, HelpAge East Asia/Pacific Regional Office has been working with network members in East Asia/Pacific to implement projects, conduct research, develop capacity and raise awareness on ageing issues. HelpAge network works together on wide range of topics; from livelihoods to age [...]

Live Long and Prosper: Aging in East Asia and Pacific

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The population in East Asia and Pacific is ageing rapidly, raising concerns about the implications for the region’s economic future. Although the region is ageing rapidly, proactive public policy can play an important role in helping it adapt to changing demographics and mitigating the downside risks [...]

Policy Mapping on Ageing in Asia and the Pacific: Analytical Report

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With UNFPA’s support, HelpAge International commissioned a mapping of policy and legislation on ageing and older people in 26 countries across the region. This document presents the findings of the review. In addition to policy, legislation and action plans [...]