Older people’s associations: a briefing on their impact, sustainability and replicability

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This briefing makes the case for multifunctional older people's associations to provide for inclusive, sustainable community development in Asia that actively engages the growing population of people over 60 as agents of change, rather than passive beneficiaries in their [...]

ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing

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The Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society (MHAS) will be organizing the ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing from 10th-12th October 2017 at the Pullman Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak. This conference will bring together healthcare professionals, financial institutions, insurance companies, lawyers, caregivers, government [...]

Work, family and social protection: Old age income security in Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

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This report provides a comparative investigation of the income security of older people in five Asian countries that have diverse contexts; namely, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The report paints a picture of the multiple sources of income [...]

Policy Mapping on Ageing in Asia and the Pacific: Analytical Report

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With UNFPA’s support, HelpAge International commissioned a mapping of policy and legislation on ageing and older people in 26 countries across the region. This document presents the findings of the review. In addition to policy, legislation and action plans [...]