Older citizen monitoring: achievements and learning

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This report highlights older citizen monitoring (OCM) achievements and challenges and reflects a wide range of innovative and diverse approaches to OCM developed across the HelpAge global network. Language: English Published: HelpAge International, 2016 Size: 1.5 MB Download [...]

The Philippine Social Pension at Four Years: Insights and Recommendations

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This report looks at the successes and challenges of the first four years of the Philippine social pension, studying the impact of the scheme and the methods of implementation. Language: English Published: The Coalition of Services of the Elderly [...]

The impact of the Old Age Allowance on the lives of older people and the local economy in Thailand

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This summary is based on a study on the impact of the scheme on the lives of older people and local economy conducted by the Foundation for Older Person's Development (FOPDEV). The study covered 27 villages in three provinces of Thailand: Chiang [...]