Social pensions

Is income security possible in Asia without social pensions?

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Social protection has increasingly been recognised as one of the most effective measures to tackle poverty and inequality. The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Social Protection Floors Recommendation (no. 202) promotes four guarantees to ensure basic income security throughout the life cycle. Target 1.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals [...]

Pensions means testing vs universal targeting: assumptions of efficiency and affordability

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This brief revisits two social policy assumptions regarding universal social pensions. It illustrates the emerging evidence that universal social pensions are both economically viable and efficient strategies to alleviate older-age income deprivation. Language: English Published: HelpAge International, 2016 Size: [...]

Old age social pensions

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What are social pensions? Social pensions are a proven means of reducing old-age poverty and supporting multi-generational households. The term ‘pension’ is widely used to describe a range of cash income, mainly for older people, including both non-contributory and contributory [...]