Elderly support low: report

2 October - Phnom Penh, Cambodia While life expectancy is growing in Cambodia, government policies to improve the quality of life and well-being of the Kingdom’s elderly are not expanding, according to a report released yesterday by international NGO... Read more

Demographics of Population Ageing in Cambodia, 2012

A major emerging demographic issue of the 21st century is population ageing; an issue which affects Cambodia as it does most countries. The paper explores the demographic profile of senior citizens aged 60 years and above in Cambodia using the 2008 cens... Read more

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Old People- Equity Weekly Video Clip

Cambodia has a growing older population. This video discusses options for care and income security of older people in Cambodia; debating options of begging, living at the pagoda, establishing old folk’s homes, being cared for by the family and the lik... Read more

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Supporting the Elderly- Equity Weekly Video Clip

Supporting the Elderly: Equity Weekly Video Clip This half-hour video discusses needs and challenges of older people and care for older people. It includes discussion on government, NGO, community and family levels of care. Language: Khmer, English... Read more

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What Plans Are There for Universal Pension Cambodia

What Plans Are There for Universal Pensions? Equity Weekly Video Clip This video clip discusses the situation of pensions in Cambodia, where only civil servants and veterans receive a small pension. Language: Khmer, English Sub-titles Published:... Read more

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Network in Cambodia

HelpAge Cambodia In 1991, HelpAge International established a Country Programme Office in Cambodia. Its initial operation was undertaking humanitarian relief work in response to Cambodian refugees repatriating from Thai border camps before transitioning ... Read more

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