Golden Aging: Prospects for Healthy, Active, and Prosperous Aging in Europe and Central Asia


As populations age, public discourse ranges from concerns about economic decline and fiscal sustainability of pensions and health systems to optimism about opportunities for healthier and more productive aging. The main contribution of Golden Aging is perhaps to show [...]

The Social Transfers Course 2014


This week, 68 government policy-makers and officials, representatives from bilateral and multilateral agencies, programme practitioners and staff members from non-governmental organizations have come together in Chiang Mai to participate in the two-week course “Designing and Implementing Social Transfer Programmes”. The [...]

Pensions in Asia/Pacific


The pension systems of many countries in Asia are insufficient for the rapidly ageing populations. This brief maps pension types by country and examines issues of pensions such as financial sustainability and design considerations. It provides information on OECD’s [...]