Yayasan Emong Lansia

Yayasan Emong Lansia (YEL) was established in 1996 by the HelpAge network and became an affiliate in 2010.

Their vision is an Indonesia with happy, healthy, active and independent older people and their mission is to improve and create a sustainable quality of life of older persons so they can live in dignity in the broadest sense of the word.

Based in Jakarta, YEL has established a Training Centre on Ageing to provide local and national training for those caring for older people. YEL also works to raise funds to assist disadvantaged older people through social welfare and healthcare programs. For example, they provide basic healthcare for sick older people in their homes through the Home Care program

YEL’s Home Care Project was established in 2003 with the support of HelpAge Korea who appointed YEL to run a volunteer community-based Home Care Program as a pilot project in Jakarta. In 2006 the Home Care program was adopted as a national program by the Ministry of Social Affairs and to date home care has been replicated by the Government in 28 provinces. The target is to replicate this in all 33 provinces by 2014.

As a follow-up to the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA 2002), YEL organized the first ever National Seminar on Ageing which resulted in the National Plan on Ageing in 2003 and a Presidential Decree on the formation of a National Commission on Ageing, established in 2005. To date, a Commission on Ageing has been established in 29 provinces.

In 2008, YEL participated in the first ever Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign. Campaigners met the Minister of Social Affairs to demand Social Pension for disadvantaged older people and since then YEL has taken part in ADA campaigns each year. In 2012, YEL’s campaign team met with the Minister of Health to ask for more trained community health workers for older people and in 2013 YEL campaigned against elder abuse and to raise awareness about the risk of hypertension.

YEL also publish a quarterly magazine “Gerbang Lansia” to provide information on Ageing Issues in Indonesian and a website in English.


Contact information


Eva AJ Sabdono, Executive Director
Wisma Iskandarsyah C-8
Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya 12-14, Jakarta 12160
Tel: (6221) 72787173
Fax: (6221) 7533651

Website: www.gerbanglansia.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bukitcinere