Promoting the rights of older people in the community in Mae Hong Son province

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This paper looks at a volunteer group called the “Older People Watch Group” that aims to promote and protect older people’s rights and entitlements in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. Language: English Published: HelpAge International, 2014 Size: 1.0 MB [...]

Social Protection for Older Persons- Social Pensions in Asia

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Social pensions are an effective and relevant strategy for supporting older persons in Asia. This excellent book thoroughly details the importance of strengthening the systems of social protection in the region and related lessons and challenges. Case studies are [...]

Aging in Asia: Findings from New and Emerging Data Initiatives

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This volume of papers looks at the main topics of ageing to help in the formulation of evidence-based policy address population ageing. Examples come from five nations: India, China, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Language: English Published: National Academies Press [...]

The Changing Well-being of Thai Elderly- An Update from the 2011 Survey of Older People in Thailand

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This report written by John Knodel, Vipan Prachuabmoh, and Napaporn Chayovan, gives an updated report of older people in Thailand. It lays out important insights on the situation of older people regarding income security, health, care, living situations and [...]