Upcoming Events

Regional Expert Forum on Integrated Care for Older Persons


ESCAP is organising the Regional Expert Forum on Integrated Care for Older Persons from 17 – 19 March 2017 in Nanjing, China. More than sixty participants have been drawn from governments in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as think tanks, [...]

Study on accessing healthcare by the older population in Myanmar


This study analyses the health seeking behaviour and utilisation of healthcare services among older people. Further, it identifies and examines barriers to healthcare access along several dimensions including: availability, geographic accessibility, affordability and acceptability. These dimensions of accessibility are [...]

Closing the health gaps for the elderly: Promoting Health Equity and Social Inclusion in Thailand


The study identifies the gaps of accessing universal health coverage scheme’s care system by the Thai elderly population, focusing on utilization and financial protection aspects. Language: English Published: The World Bank, 2016 Size: 13 MB. Download     [...]

Global Health and Aging


Population aging is a powerful and transforming demographic force. We are only just beginning to comprehend its impacts at the national and global levels. As we prepare for a new demographic reality, the authors hope this report raises awareness [...]