World Bank video: Closing the health gaps for the elderly

World Bank released a video with the same title as their recent publication “Closing the health gaps for the elderly: Promoting Health Equity and Social Inclusion in Thailand”. The video presents the gaps of accessing universal health coverage scheme’s care system by the Thai elderly population, focusing on utilisation and financial protection aspects. Language: Thai with English subtitle Published: World […] Read more

Thailand old age pensions: advocating for change

This poster summarises the development of old age pension in Thailand. It shows the policy changes that result from what HelpAge and the network in Thailand have worked together for the improved old age pension systems (focusing on the social pension component). Language: English Published: HelpAge East Asia/Pacific, 2016 Size: 2 MB     Read more

Seniors fulfill their dreams while knowing their rights

In Banthi district, in the province of Lamphun in northern Thailand, a special volunteer group is promoting the rights of older people. In cooperation with the Banthi district Older People’s Association (OPA), the ‘Older People’s Rights Promotion’ volunteer team of Banthi is holding workshop style meetings in villages to educate older people about thirteen critical […] Read more

The Situation of Thailand’s Older Population

In collaboration with the College of Population Studies (CPS), Chulalongkorn University, HelpAge has published a report entitled “The Situation of Thailand’s Older Population: An Update based on the 2014 Survey of Older Persons in Thailand”. This report is based on the latest national survey of the older persons conducted in 2014 by the National Statistical Office of Thailand. […] Read more

Thailand network member being highlighted in DRR

BSR recently released the new research report “Climate Resilience and the Role of the Private Sector in Thailand”, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. The report demonstrates the important role the private sector plays in building resilience and adaptive capacity in the face of a range of climate-related shocks and where opportunities exist for further action. The report […] Read more

Our senior citizens can still contribute

5 October – Bangkok, Thailand The International Day of Older Persons, which fell on the first day of October, gave us good reason to celebrate. Thailand has a growing number of senior citizens, or people over 60 years of age. That means we have achieved better medical science, health care and economic well-being, the fundamental requirements to […] Read more

Social Protection for Older Persons- Social Pensions in Asia

Social pensions are an effective and relevant strategy for supporting older persons in Asia. This excellent book thoroughly details the importance of strengthening the systems of social protection in the region and related lessons and challenges. Case studies are included from Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Caucasus and Central Asia. Language: English Published: ADB, […] Read more

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